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Women's Virtual Fitness Classes

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Meet Your Trainer


Stephen is a highly self motivated professional with over 11 years international experience in coaching people through change, transformation and transitional situations.

He is qualified in business/life/wellness coaching, coupled with multiple international accreditations and practical hands on experience in fitness and nutrition coaching.

The benefits of his services includes but is not limited to weight loss, weight gain, building self confidence/self belief, becoming fitter & stronger, strengthening the mind, overcoming many life’s barriers.

Group Fitness Class Package Includes:
🔸️ 4 Live Group Classes Through Zoom

🔸️ Daily Additional Workouts For Off Days
🔸️ Recording Of All Workouts
🔸️ Assess To Nutrition Coaching Video
🔸️ Access To Recipe Ebooks
🔸️ Access To 100+ Extra Home Workouts
🔸️ Access To A Fun Private Support Group
🔸️ Being Part Of Our Community
🔸️ Weekly Check Ins & Accountability

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