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My Personal Story



My Story

So growing up I was someone that was very shy, quiet & hated myself for it. I actually thought there was something wrong with me that I found it so hard to speak with people.


During my school years my parents split and internally I found it really hard to deal with any emotions I was feeling. 

At the time I actually blamed myself for them separating. 


In school to try look cool & stand out I was always getting in trouble, Smoking, drinking & even taking drugs. For me I felt like I had to be this person to be liked as I was still quite & shy.


At 18 I was kicked out of home after a huge argument with my mother & her partner which really affected me for years. 


I didn't have a great connection with my dad but I ended up living with him. 


During this time I slipped into a bad state of depression. Spent many nights suffering with panic attacks and ended up drinking a lot to be able to escape any internal pain.


I actually ended up having a fear of going to bed as I knew what was coming & because of this I would ended up drinking just to help sleep.


Later I moved to Spain for 3 years and for about 1 1/2 years of that I was in an abusive relationship.


At this stage I still hadn't spoken to my mother, barely spoke with my dad and had no real friends.

On top of that I was drinking daily, taking drugs and living off fast food. 


Slowly things got worse with my relationship. The mental abuse turned to physical abuse and I felt I couldn't take this any longer.


Before I knew it I found myself sitting in the bathroom, blade in my hand trying to slit my wrist.


As I ran the blade across my wrist several times thoughts of my brother and sister came into my head. I just couldn't do this to them. 


A few weeks later I tried to hang myself and was stopped by a guy I was hanging around with. 


I know now that really I just crying out for help. I had no one to turn to and no where to go.


Right around this time my boss asked me would I go to the gym with him and ever since that day my life started to change.


Training helped me release any anger, pain frustration and it gave me hope again. I actually started to feel alive.


I had no idea what I was doing but knew I needed to keep training.


Eventually I moved back home, regained my connection with my mother & my step dad & we now have such an amazing relationship.


A few years later I went travelling the world & then moved to Australia for 7 years. Here I started my career in the fitness industry which has led me to working with 100's of people helping them become Physically, Emotionally & Mentally Stronger. 


I also started studying personal development and the combination of both has DRASTICALLY changed my life.


While in Oz I was married and before I knew it my life was torn apart and I was back in Cork with absolutely nothing. 


The strong mindset I have developed over the years allowed me to really focus on what's important and I was able to keep moving forward.


I am forever grateful for my journey as it's allowed me to become who I am today.


Right now I have an amazing relationship with my family, I'm in such an incredible mindset and truly happy for all I have and on top of that I have an incredible partner/soon to be wife, I have the most beautiful little baby girl and an amazing step son.


Life will always throw challenges in our way but it's how we decide to take on those challenges will determine the direction we go.

Make the right decision for yourself today & Take Action if you truly want to make changes in your life.



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